Services Offered
Specializing in Leisure Travel

Whether you are looking for a cruise for 2 or a European tour for a group of 20, TravelBug Vacation Planning has you covered! Here are just a few examples of the types of trips we can help with:

  • Girls/Guys Getaways
  • Couples Weekends
  • Family vacations
  • Honeymoons
  • Destination Wedding
  • Family Reunions
  • Multi-Generational Trips
  • Anniversary Celebration Trips
  • Company/Group Incentive or Recognition Trips

Types of trips include ocean and river cruise, escorted tours, independent travel with custom itineraries, theme park, all-inclusive resorts, and so much more! 


Trip planning fees ('Planning fees") for travel covers our initial consultation, research, development of proposals (with up to 3 options), revisions to finalize a custom itinerary, booking, managing all components, and support while traveling. Fees are determined based on the complexity of the trip and number of passengers. Fees generally range between $100 - $500 but will be determined during or after the consultation based on your needs. 

Why Hire A Travel Planner?
It's a VALID question. This is 2023 and anyone CAN book their own travel online.

Google is great isn't it?  Until it becomes overwhelming with too many options and information.  By hiring a travel planner you can:

  • Save COUNTLESS hours of research 
  • Relay on EXPERT destination knowledge
  • Get access to EXTRA amenities and rates
  • Have PEACE of mind when traveling 
  • Get advice on IMPORTANT topics like insurance
  • Personalized trip recommendation CUSTOMIZED to your preferences
  • COMPASSIONATE assistance with emergencies when needed 
  • SAVE time, money AND stress by working with a travel planner! 

Think about this: If you're on vacation and your flight home gets cancelled, do YOU want to be on hold for hours fixing that or would you rather continue to enjoy your beverage pool-side while someone else works on that for you? 

Why use TravelBug Vacation Planning?
Certification and Education Matter!

Certification is not a requirement of being a travel agent. Anyone can decide to open a business and start booking travel. 

Choosing to get certified in this field means I truly care about providing my clients with the most current information and value. I am currently double certified through the following: 



ASTA is the American Association of Travel Advisors. The VTA (Verified Travel Advisor) confirms knowledge, professionalism, and ethics of travel advisors across the country. 

CLIA is the Cruise Lines International Association and the CCC (Certified Cruise Counsellor) confirms an advisor's depth of knowledge of the cruise industry to include geography, group travel, and available cruise types to meet varying client needs. 

Both certifications require a significant amount of time dedicated to completion, as well as, continuing education. Both mean you can visit the website and verify my credentials! 

On top of the above certifications, I also have also received various destination and supplier accolades and specialist recognition. These include: Hawaii, Alaska, Jamaica, Aruba, Multiple cruise lines and more!