Gifting for the TravelBug

Gifting for the TravelBug

Have a traveler on your gift list? Is it you?  Either way, these gifts are sure to please anyone that appreciates travel, culture, and experiences!


Consumable gifts – Consumable gifts are an eco-friendly way to show your loved ones you care AND know what they like. They allow your recipient to enjoy right away without having to find space in their home for something they may or may not use.

Some ideas might include:

  • A specialty candy from a favorite country
  • A wine from a specific region the recipient is from or wants to visit
  • A culinary themed gift basket from their favorite cuisine
  • A gift basket featuring things they might need if visiting _________

Helpful travel stuff – Whether your recipient travels a lot or a little, these tools are amazing to have on any trip!  These are what I call “staples” or “non-negotiables”.  They are the MUST haves for any type of trip!

  • A hanging toiletry organizer – These are especially helpful for cruises and campers too!
  • A universal travel adapter – One that works in US and other countries. One charger no matter where you are! Make sure it’s small and easily portable.
  • Binoculars – How many times have I said “OH! We should have brought those!”? Road trips, cruises, even tours – see it all!!!
  • A jewelry organizer – When traveling, you need something to keep your jewelry organized, safe and untangled! Sure, a zip lock bag keeps it dry in case your shampoo leaks but how much time do you spend on vacation untangling those chains?
  • Digital luggage scale – Did you know that you can easily weigh your luggage at home before you are charged extra money? Handheld digital scales are a mandatory accessory for any traveler!

And…the most obvious, actual travel! Making memories will last forever. The kitchen aid might last that long too but won’t be quite as much fun!  You might wonder WHO would buy a whole vacation for someone?  Some do purchase entire trips for family members and others make deposits only or give the gift of the airfare when the recipient is already taking a vacation. Whatever you do, you know you’ll be giving something that they will NEVER forget.

Here are some ideas on how you can give the gift of travel:

  • Work with your travel agent to create a family trip or for a group of friends or even your employees
  • Offer to pay for someone’s deposit if they join you on vacation
  • Pay for excursions for the family when they join the trip
  • Offer to pay for airfare to the port when the family cruises together
  • Offer to pay for the hotel when the family purchases their own theme park tickets
  • Work with your agent to look for amazing deals where you can fit two vacations into your budget! Buy One, Get One deals DO exist! And ONLY your agent can get you special amenities like included specialty dining or exclusive hosts

If you need additional ideas, don’t hesitate to reach out to your travel agent. We are experts in travel inspiration and that’s why you trust us with your vacation planning.  Travel should be a unique experience for everyone and only a travel agent/advisor can help customize the gift of travel!


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