2023 National Plan for Vacation Day is coming!

2023 National Plan for Vacation Day!

Are you ready? Per the US Travel Association, January 31, 2023 is the nationally recognized day to plan for your vacation. The idea is to plan out your vacation time for the remainder of the year. Since it’s during the cold month of January, it’s a given that you’re thinking about warm and sunny places, right?

Whether you start your planning on this day, or wrap it up, the goal is to make sure you are balancing your time throughout the year so you can take some BREAKS from the grind of work and responsibility! If your work gives you time off, they do that for a reason. They really DO want you to take it! Some employers are even making it mandatory these days.

What keeps you from taking a vacation? Let’s look at some common reasons we hear as to why people don’t take vacation:

Excuse 1: Too busy

How true is this? How much time off do you have from your job and are you rolling it over or losing it at the end of every year? I promise the work will be there when you get back. And you taking 4-5 days once or twice a year isn’t going to impact your productivity. In fact, most people find that being able to recharge after a relaxing break actually increases their ability to be more effective and efficient at work.

Excuse 2: My employer would think less of me for taking time off. 

Did you know many employers are making it MANDTATORY to take the PTO employees are given? According to a 2022 article by CNBC, more employers are encouraging time off to encourage employee well-being and avoid burn out. Benefit packages include time off for a very good reason. Employers understand the positive impacts it can have on their employee’s well-being and overall job satisfaction.

Excuse 3: It’s too expensive

Prior to joining the travel industry, I believed this to be true as well. I was both excited and disappointed to find out it was a myth. I had NO idea that vacations could be planned far in advance to allow you to make payments (without credit being a factor)! I was excited to share this knowledge with others. If I had known this sooner, I would have taken WAY more vacations in my lifetime. Pro Tip: Use this handy calculator to get a general estimate of what to factor in to the costs of your trip so you have an idea of what kind of budget you should set.

Excuse 4: It’s too stressful to plan a vacation

Planning a vacation can be a LOT of work. How do you know you’re picking the right place and getting the best deal? The more people joining you on vacation, the more complicated things can get. Hiring a travel agent to assist you will be the BEST decision you’ve made for your vacation. You shouldn’t have to work to relax and when you do, you really aren’t enjoying the trip because you’re so worried about whether you forgot something important or if something goes wrong. The travel agent is your secret weapon to a TRULY relaxing trip!

As a Verified Travel Advisor, my goal is find the perfect vacation that fits into your busy schedule, for the budget you have, and to make it easy and stress-free for you!  If you’re ready to observe National Plan for Vacation Day, I’m ready to assist. Just click “Get Started” at the top of my homepage to fill out your vacation request form and let’s celebrate this day together!

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